Kahuna Massage Training

Kahuna Massage - Lomi Lomi Massage Training at Frangipani House

Learn massage skills from ancient Hawaiian traditions brought together in a course to benefit beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Kahuna Massage is a very fluid, moving form of massage. In addition to learning this beautiful traditional Hawaiian form of massage, you will learn about Huna Philosophy and the flying dance - steps you need to know in order to perform the massage. The flying dance is a form of hula movement, which helps the practitioner to move around the massage table, and transfers the dance to the person receiving the massage.

We teach the course in Two Levels. The first level gives you the complete massage training. Level 2 is for advanced practitioners or those who have been practising the massage for over 6 months.

Kahuna-Lomi Lomi Massage Training - Level 1 - Four Days

  • Huna energy balance systems
  • Flying dance.
  • Massage for the Back of the body
  • Massage for the Back of the legs
  • Training time includes exercises that encourage our own bodies energy to flow.
  • Learn the Seven Principles of Huna
  • Body Reading

    Level Two - Four Days

  • Massage for the Front of the Body
  • Meditation to increase self awareness.
  • Further develop your connection with nature
  • Learn to tune into and develop your intuition
  • Learn to use music to deepen the experience
  • Full Body Massage Integration

    Advanced Training - Level 3 - Four Days

  • Massage Revision from Levels 1 & 2
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Floor Massage
  • Deep Work
  • Hot Stone Massage Integration

    Kahuna Massage Background
    Kahuna Massage is a graceful, in-depth bodywork which incorporates a type of hula movement called the flying dance to produce a profound healing effect for the recipient, at the same time energising the practitioner. In ancient times in Hawaii, it was performed by the master healer practitioners for deep physical and spiritual healing.